Het samen-leven wordt gezien vanuit 3 perspectieven: Ik vanuit kunstinstallatie OOG, De Ander met voorstelling LOS over de angst voor verlies, en ONS met een programma naar Onderzoek Naar Samenleven (O.N.S.)


City artist of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) Lucas De Man and designer Pascal Leboucq presents EYE, an art installation for the city. The project consists of 5 enormous Eyes hanging from different buildings. Visitors can sit in the Eyes. Radically secluded yet organically connected to the city, EYE offers an extraordinary audio-visual theatrical experience: an opportunity to see the city, the other and yourself from a different perspective.

EYE experience

The EYE installation seats one visitor at a time. A specially trained usher assists you onto the chair of the installation and secures the seatbelt. Then he slowly wheels you through the window out into the EYE. There you hang outside the building inside the Eye.

As you look out through the open pupil, the installation welcomes you and invites you to look at the city. What do you see? The city is not an anonymous structure. It’s made up of stories, more than of streets and stones. Can you see it? Look closer. The pupil closes and EYE takes you into an animated city. The audiovisual theatrical experience encourages you to see the city, the other and yourself from a different perspective. EYE concludes the journey by asking you what you see when you look inside yourself. Then the pupil opens again. Look at the city, what do you see now?


EYE is a cross-discipline city art project combining experience performance, installation, animation, sound design and interactive elements. The project premieres in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in September 2014 where it will take over the city for 40 days. EYE is ready to tour internationally in 2015.


25 September- 1 November: 5 Eyes throughout ‘s-Hertogenbosch
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@old factory: De Heus
@company: SAP
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Director: Lucas De Man
Design: Pascal Leboucq
Animation: JanJoost Verhoef
Sound: Marc Alberto

EYE is made in Brabant, The Netherlands and coproduced by New Heroes and Het Zuidelijk Toneel in collaboration with the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL), BKKC, Verkadefabriek, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Canon Netherlands and many others.